Sitemap - 2023 - The Drugs Don't Work Anymore

It's the End of the Year as We Know It

Hell yeah! bring back the dodo!

#DadAtTheGym is funny and weird

A season of happy books

My kid is special and so are you

Napoleon? Good guy or bad guy?

Ode to a Monster Truck Rally

When do you give up on a book?

Who we are when we're hiding in our phones

all your lit bros are dead

The stages of Halloween.

The workplaces of geniuses

This is the world. Say hello to it.

debate me, bro

people-watching at the liquor store

I love you, Wikipedia

a treatise on musical mass hysteria

Hey, maybe dadhood is the easier option

I am here for the Barbie discourse

Reclaiming memories

A summer afternoon thunderstorm

is the RFK Jr. thing funny?

How to go to the National Gallery of Art

The Seltzer Wars

Heatwaves all I think about is you

The Anomaly of Brain Cancer

Is Trump funny again?

The Tragedy of the Submarine: A culture play

Fine, let's talk about Elizabeth Gilbert's non-book

River Yarns: How to sink an unsinkable boat

Sun-dappled asphalt or 'An Ode to Summer Backroads'

sometimes dadhood is just reliving childhood

River Yarns: The Watermelon Theft

Give me more historical parodies

Orgasm! at the Symphony

But do I really want to join *another* app

Beautiful Ruins

Walmart: a circle of life

do I have SAD or am I just sad?

but is April actually the cruelest month?

take my blue check, already.

Ughhh you need another language

The simple joy of creating playlists

What was all that "be yourself" nonsense they fed us?

do you believe in Season 3 of Ted Lasso?

Lost works

These aren't your grandfather's UFOs

So you're going to the State of the Union

No, your AI chatbot cannot "write just like Ernest Hemingway"

hey, umm, they're doing it to Britney all over again

Performative Parenting at the Zoo

just let me go spearfishing at the shipwrecks

Do we all suck or is it just Netflix?

My kid is a year old and I am still alive

I love the messy new Congress